“What Person Are You Most Thankful For Turning You On To Music?”

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I am personally thankful for that because I will no longer have to read what everyone is thankful for on Facebook every day.

Galleywinter has posted their annual blog about being grateful and this year they asked the question “What person are you most thankful for turning you onto music?” The stories are very thoughtful and seemed to have a running theme…family. My thoughts were exactly the same when I saw the questions…my answer would have to be my mom.

From Galleywinter:

Each year around Thanksgiving we survey a wide variety of members from the greater Texas Music community on a musical subject for which they have great gratitude. In the past, we have focused on albums, songs and artists.

This year, we are asking folks…”What person are you most thankful for turning you onto music?” The results were a truly special blend of family, friends and musicians admired from afar. People were thankful for the inspiration they received from lots of mothers, grandmothers and fathers mixed in with Ray Wylie Hubbard, Walt Wilkins and even an entire city. Some are short, others are lengthy and extremely personal. These thoughtful anecdotes were collected via face to face interviews, phone conversations and even e-mail. The stories and folks people are thankful for are an amazing collection with various, personal reasons of gratitude.

Click HERE to see to see the collection of stories.


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