Twitter Wars…Keeping It Classy!

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This just keeps getting better and better.

It looks like Dierks’s PR company  is getting in of the fun now.


Well, Dierks spelled HIS name wrong when he tweeted to him, so I am not sure who wins this round.  I am going to call this one a draw.


Techincally…they do sound the same. Let’s just be honest.  I doubt it very seriously that Dierks, Beavers and the Jack Ingram looking dude were sitting around at the grand piano with their big chief songwriting tablets and said to each other…”well we already wrote a song about the Po-Po, but we haven’t covered how much we love ‘Merica on this album, so let’s write a song showing how much we like ‘Merica and while we are at it, let’s make it sound just like some dude we’ve never heard of before”.

I sure as hell don’t know how it happened or if it was just a coincidence and I don’t know shit about melodies, iambic pentameter or any of that music making shit, but the songs DO sound a lot alike.

Now I know that my momma or the mailman from Shitville, Texas doesn’t have a clue who Jason Isbell is, but I find it hard to believe that Dierks hasn’t heard of him.  Calm down Greenie, that is a little far fetched dontcha think?  Don’t all the famous musician people have a club they go to during their free time to hang out? Isn’t it like the Masonic Lodge or the Rotary Club?   I am sure that Jason Isbell has never heard of the coughextremelysuccessfulcough Miss Willie Brown either…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any good.

Now…that’s just tacky.  And for ME to call anything tacky is pretty bad. I realize this was just a “you suck because you don’t have a bus” dig, but his van WAS locked…someone smashed the shit out of the window, hot wired the van and stole everything the band owned out of the trailer.  Just ask the Rolling Stone. That was a low blow…especially from someone that does Public Relations for a living.  Don’t they usually try to smooth things over? Please, don’t get me wrong, Jason threw the first punch and I ain’t judging….I love this shit, but that wasn’t very nice. Or professional.

I think the only way to solve this shit is a good old fashioned rap battle’esk song off. We can get Taylor Swift, Ellen Degeneres, and Diana Warren to judge. It could be huge…some PR company get on that idea asap!


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  • Reply January 7, 2012


    This is pretty funny! Petty but funny!

  • Reply January 7, 2012


    Too bad they are not both at Steamboat. Meet me behind the Grand by the dumpsters bitches….

  • Reply January 7, 2012


    I gotta say that last tweet sums up everything that’s wrong with Nashville. They really do think the quality of the music = the size of your tour bus (or entourage, or PR company, or record sales)

    The McDonald’s may sell more burgers than the mom & pop joint in town, but that don’t mean they’re better.

  • Reply January 7, 2012


    In all my years of schooling for my fancy PR degree at the state school down the road I obviously didn’t take whatever class The Green Room people did. Why? Because that’s a fucking stupid way to run a PR firm…

  • Reply January 7, 2012


    I’m with Sean and his sentiment about Nashville. It’s why Dierks needs a new PR company. Get somebody who is interested in helping to better his career and not just their own bank account.

  • Reply January 8, 2012


    I cannot believe a professional PR person went that low. I bet it was a stupid intern.

  • Reply January 9, 2012

    Anon Y Mouse

    Sadly it wasn’t from an intern. I understand getting passionate about the artists you represent, but leave the mean, back-handed comments to crazed fans.

  • Reply January 11, 2012


    Yeah, the bus/van haha you got your shit stolen post was a line crosser. That kinda shit gets you punched in the face really hard.

  • Reply January 14, 2012

    Annie T

    Who is this GreenRoomPR?? Do they do PR For anyone else? Man that is no way to do PR. Looks like it is time to shop for a new pr company!

    • Reply January 14, 2012


      They do PR for EVERYONE…Jason Aldean, Wade Bowen…

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