Turkey Tiddy Bits

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What a morning!

I got up extra early and finished the 5k Turkey Trot in record time, started baking all of those delicious, pesticide-free apple pies with butter crust from the recipe I found on Pinterest and I now am about to ride my bicycle down to the local soup kitchen and start the early shift feeding the homeless. My work is never done.

(Even I can’t even type that bullshit with a straight face!)

My in laws are here and we are watching the Today show.  (I guess I can’t say “we” because Ike is still snoozing.) We are taking them along with my mom and her old lady friends from the church to the eating place in town around 11:30 for the Thanksgiving lunch buffet. After that it is all about the Cowboy’s game I guess. It really is going to be a laid back Thanksgiving at the Ballou house.

I started these Tiddy Bits and never finished them, but if you need to get away from your family for a good 10 minutes…here you go.

If I had any money, I’d buy Matt’s.

‘Merica damn it! 

Corb Fever! 

Pink sparkly stuff I can buy?  I’m all in! 

Have I already posted this?  Oh well, check it again. He’s cute. 

I’m a douche for not posting about these guys sooner. Sorry. 

Ten questions withYummy James. 

Charty, Chart Americana Chart

Overnight Success…

American Rice

Walk down HOTTIE lane…pre-popo.  

Winged Guitar of the Day


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