Traffic Vortex Tiddy Bits

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flyingguitarEvery time I sit down to do my mini day-by-day Music Fest recaps I even wonder if y’all care or not. I am such a blog Indian giver. Hell…who knows if I will ever get them up, but I will get THIS up today.  I am at the studio and I missed the traffic window and I am would rather sit here until 7:00 pm then get sucked into the 360 vortex.

Here is some mindless crap I have gathered today during my stroll down music news lane:

One word titles… 

Parkman never NOT makes me giggle. 

I left him on the plane. I am so sad. 

ZBB’s ESPN Isbell Cover

Do we hate EC this week or like his? I really can’t keep up. 

Steve in the Spotlight

Five Root Raisers

Hootie. I just like typing the word Hootie. I am immature. 

FREE JJ music!  


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