Today, Back In The Day: Randy Rogers Band

Four years ago today, Randy, Geoffrey,  Jon, Brady and Les, collectively known as the Randy Rogers Band, released their 5th studio album Burning The Day.



I plundered thru the Ritaville archives and found my original review of the record:

I know all the scuttlebutt was that since this CD was produced by Martina’s (the sober one, not the Drunken Martina from Twitter) producer that this CD was going to be too Nashville blah, blah, blah…but I gotta say, if it is I don’t hear it. I didn’t hear any Hillbillybudonkadonk. All I hear is goodness.

Truth is, I didn’t want to like it. I wanted it to be shitty because I am a horrible, selfish bitch. I guess deep deep down I don’t like to share. But…the CD is great. RRB is getting so big and so damn hard to see as it is and now it is going to be even worse! (Ugh, there is no way I am going to beat the bitches off of my sweet Brady Black panty row spot now!) It’s that good! My only critique is I think one or two more “upbeat” songs might have been nice.

It’s still classic pissed off, heartbroken Randy…and that is how we love our Randy because it’s what he does best! I guess a little part of me thought that his songwriting would take a turn to “I love my life I love life” like Dierks Bentley’s did…and he’d start singing songs about cool-aid on the couch and shit. (Maybe he will the next one, but for now…we are still good!)

So…I’m having a hard time picking a favorite song on the album but there are some lyrics WHAMO you right in the heart…awesome. I do like the “Damn Loraine” rain song, wherever Loraine is, but it’s not even in my top five. Track #6 “Just Don’t Tell Me the Truth” contained my favorite WHAMO…

What’s that gonna prove,
we both know that I’m your fool,
so tell me something new,
a lie that I can buy into,
just don’t tell me the truth.

WHAM…that just happened.
I. Die.

(Sorry, I watch too much of the Rachel Zoe Project and suddenly just break into my impression of her from time to time.)

I also loved this verse from Track #10…

I meet lonely tonite,
she was sitting at table by a neon light
pretending everything was gonna be alright
wishing I could tell you it would be just fine.

Loves it.

And boys, pay attention. I am gonna give you a little life lesson here…

“Rita’s Helpful How to Get Laid Hints”

1. Go to the music store
2. Buy a guitar
3. Learn how to play and sing Song #8, “Steal You Away”.

Forget the flowers and wine. Forget the Everclear. Forget the Roofies (Not Floories…name that movie quote.) If you play this song for any chick you will get laid. Vagina–meet silver platter–meet your penis.

Great songs, great CD. Congrats guys!


  Stolen from Wikipedia:

1. “Interstate” Sean McConnell, Randy Rogers
2. “Damn the Rain” Radney Foster, Gordie Sampson
3. “Too Late for Goodbye” McConnell, Rogers
4. “Missing You Is More Than I Can Do” Rogers
5. “Holding On to Letting Go” Bruce Robison, Rogers
6. “Just Don’t Tell Me the Truth” Dean Dillon, Dale Dodson, Rogers
7. “I’ve Been Looking for You So Long” McConnell, Rogers
8. “Steal You Away” Jeff Middleton, Mark Mulch, Nick Mulch
9. “Starting Over for the Last Time” Geoffrey Hill, Jon Richardson, Rogers
10. “I Met Lonely Tonight” Rogers
11. “Last Last Chance” Hill, Richardson




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