Time Killing Tiddy Bits

I’ve got some time to kill this afternoon so I thought I would surf around the inter webs and be judgmental….and share.

It is a pretty slow news day, but here goes!

Winged Guitar of the Day

Winged Guitar of the Day

Cool story, bro.  

Larry Joe Day One… 


I guess this is making the rounds again.  

Ray fans are loyal. RIP.  

Too funny…I wish it was true! 

Some Rams and a Redhead 

Just cause I wanted to link Twang Nation… 

I haven’t been in years. Too many fanny packs and it is TOO DAMNED HOT for me. 

Don’t stink, eat, talk or make any observations about musical instruments.  

This made me laugh out loud…a lot.  

Todd Snider Is A Prophet… 



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