Thursday But Posted On Friday Tiddy Bits


I put these together yesterday and forgot to actually POST them.

I’m blaming the cedar pollen. I know my allergies and my ability to focus are two unrelated things, I just like to blame everything on the cedar.

I didn’t read this because of the fact I now have to double lock my bedroom door every night because of my fear of Karo syrup, Louisville Sluggers and fake blood, but you can. 

Banging Around?  No he did not go there!  Yeah, he did. 

C Square speaks!

Womp, womp.  

Vince, my banjo boy and some other people are hitting the road….

I know Jason Aldean’s daddy will be watching! 

Spring Break at 40 with 2 kids?  Sounds awesome. 

Check the receipts. Allegedly. Hashtag inside joke. 

Who the fuck is Brandy Clark? 

Because when I think Shania, I think Walmart. 


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