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Wade Bowen’s new CD is FINALLY about to be released, but it looks like it is only going to be released regionally and without much fanfare. Wade explains the unique way this new record release is going to go down in this letter to his fans:

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Next Tuesday, May 29, my new album “The Given” is being released regionally. It’s a pretty unusual move and I wanted to explain it to you because you guys, the fans, are the reason we’re doing it.

In mid-2011, I signed a recording contract with Sony Music Nashville and Sea Gayle Records. Sea Gayle has been my song publisher for the last few years. It’s a great company owned by Brad Paisley (artist), Chris Dubois (songwriter) and Frank Rogers (producer). Within Sony, I’m on Columbia/BNA along with Kenny Chesney, Casey James and Tyler Farr.

Gary Overton, CEO of Sony Music Nashville, has been a long time fan of my music. He heard one song off the record we made with producer Justin Niebank and signed me on the spot. From there, things moved pretty quickly and I started my radio tour last September. A radio tour is where a new artist goes out and visits with radio DJs and programmers at stations across the country before their music comes out. Just about every week, I’d fly around the country Sunday through Wednesday visiting radio and then fly to wherever my Thursday night gig was.

My first single “Saturday Night” was released to radio stations across the U.S. in November 2012 and made a quick impact, with a lot of that support coming from the big cities across Texas and the surrounding areas (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Baton Rouge, etc.). Many of those stations had never played my music before and they were joined by stations in other major markets like Nashville, Phoenix, Denver, Spokane, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, and so forth. By February, even though the song was growing in Texas, we lost steam in other areas because of weird little details about how the chart works. The song peaked on the country charts at #39.

Usually, with major record labels, they don’t release an album until a new artist and their song are peaking—a point where the song is being heard by a certain number of millions of people nationally. That’s why you’ll often hear songs or new artists you like but can’t find a place to buy their album. Since “Saturday Night” never reached that point, under normal circumstances the record release would get pushed back, too. But we’re different than most “new artists.” We’re out there every week, touring and playing for you guys and have been for 14 years.

So we went to Sony and told them that we needed to get our music out to the fans because it had been so long since I delivered any new stuff to them. Sony understood and jumped in to help us come up with a plan to release music for you guys—even though they had never done anything like that before and, to be honest, weren’t completely comfortable with it.

So that’s the deal with how we got here. I figured you guys deserved to know the whole story since you’ve been so gracious and supportive all these years. So while “The Given” will be available next Tuesday, May 29, don’t expect to see any big CD release shows or a bunch of crazy contests and promotions—not for a while, anyway. We’ll get there, it’s just going to take a little longer than we hoped to get to that part. But right now, we’re taking care of what really matters—getting this music out there and into your hands.

Later this summer/early fall, Sony will begin promoting another song to national radio and once “critical mass” is achieved, we’ll release the full album with all 14 songs (including re-recorded versions of “God Bless This Town,” “Trouble,” “Mood Ring” and “You Had Me At Your Best.” When that happens, everyone who bought this special 10-song “fan” version of the record digitally will get the 4 re-recorded songs via the digital store’s “complete my purchase” functionality. And if you buy the actual physical CD now, you’ll be able to bring your copy of the CD to a Wade Bowen show and pick up a hard copy of the extra 4 songs.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Your interest and support for me and my music reminds me how blessed I am to do this for a living. And let me know what you think of the new stuff. I hope you love it.

God Bless

I’ll take any new Wade Bowen music I can get, I don’t really care if the rest of the world gets it or not. I’m a narcissistic asshole. This beats the hell out of it just sitting on some shelf somewhere and never seeing the light of day. I guess this record didn’t have enough songs about tractors, trucks, boom boom speakers, and dirt roads for the rest of the nation to embrace.

(Oh, and November 2012 hasn’t happened yet.  Unless WB used his Flux Capacitor.)



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    Just call me Pat Green

    Man I hate to point out the obvious but anyone want to say we told you so? Has signing a Nashville record deal helped anyone other than Eli Young Band? Wade is lucky they are letting him release this album at all! Don’t let those Nashville bottom feeders act like they are doing us a favor by giving us the privilege of buying this record. They are just trying to recoop the money they spent. When will the guys ever learn? STAY AWAY FROM THESE NASHVILLE LEECHES. The loyal Texas/Red Dirt scene used to be enough for the Pats, the Corys and now the Wades but not anymore. Greed is the root of all evil. Enjoy your new WB album and remember that if you were able to buy it you were second best.

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    Now I can sleep at night….

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    I hate when people jump their asses for signing a record deal. Would you turn down a promotion at your job? I think not. And until they start changing their music (which I won’t lie, EYB and Pat Green did) it’s fine. Why can’t the rest of the country hear the music we love in Texas. Aren’t we all bitching about the shitty music in Nashville, then someone like Wade goes and tries to share his good music we get all fired up? I seriously doubt he’s changing his sound any and at least he cares enough about his fans to not just ride the one-way train the record execs put him on.

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    Wade who?

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    What’s with the long explanation? Fans will buy the record because they are fans and they don’t care about if the rest of the world knows Wade Bowen from a hole in the ground. Don’t worry about where it won’t be sold and spend time where it will be.

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    It’s nice to know he likes to be honest with everybody. What I don’t get is why people are complaining about it. If this thing ended up never coming out, you guys would be bitching for an explanation. He defended his most loyal fans and now some are complaining. Don’t take good music for granted, people!

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    Why not a regional album release party? He worked hard for couple years on an album but can’t celebrate with a party?

  • Reply May 26, 2012


    Hallie for the win.
    Same fans vs. artists bitch-fest. Now everyone will jump Wade’s ass for giving an explanation, which I thought was a thoughtful, genuine thing to do for us fans.
    Time to find a new platform folks, this one’s tired and weak.

  • Reply May 29, 2012


    It is a great fucking record. Downloaded it this morning, and have been listening to it since. No explanation needed. I would have just sent out a message that said: Great Fucking Record. Buy it.

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