The Tiddy Bits I Forgot To Post Yesterday Tiddy Bits…

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Ahhhhh…do you hear that? That is the beautiful hum of the internet! Yes! I am in the big city this weekend where their internet WORKS! It is a wonderful thing. We went to go see Sunny Sweeney last night in Arlington at Cowboys and tonight we are going to see Adam Hood in Alvarado. I am pretty damned excited about this great weekend of music.


I met my blogging mentor last night! Yes people, the two most “evil” people on the internet joined forces last night and the world did not blow up! We had drinks with Trailer from while he was in town. Can you imagine the snark? We had a great time.

Time to catch up with the world now that I have a computer that works!

New Rog Review… 

In “who gives a shit” news!  

Is it bad I want it to flood again so I can see him in concert?  

Merle on the mend!  


2009 Watson.  

So that’s where he as been since he blocked me on Twitter…. 

You gotta be fucking kidding me?  

Hey, I took that picture!  Very cool.  

Say goodnight.  

Winged Guitar of the Day

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