The Texas Music Award Nominees Have Been Announced…

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Hi. My fake name is Rita, but you can all just refer to me as the WORST BLOGGER EVER.

I haven’t even logged into Ritaville in a full week and WordPress signed me out and it took me 5 tries to get the correct password entered.

I reckon I have just been busy. We have all trying to get on a consistent schedule here at KOKE FM since we moved. This has been our first week in the new fancy pants studio across town.

Sidenote: All the chicks here dress really nice and professionally. I told myself I needed to step it up and try to not dress like a white trash hausfrau and you know…shower and stuff…and that lasted 4 days. I am wearing my Hee Haw shirt today and I have so much dry shampoo in my hair it looks like I have been frolicking out in some snow covered meadow.


Hashtag No Filter Hashtag Dirty Hair Don’t Care

Enough about me…let’s talk award show season!

This year’s first show on tap is the Texas Music Awards.

And the nominees ARE…some people you have heard of…and some people you haven’t….some people even I haven’t!

Is the suspense killing you yet?

Click HERE for the list!

There are rules, voting criteria, yada yada on the website as well as all of the information about the award ceremony too.

So now you know!



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