The State Of The Rita Address: Rita On KOKE And Cole

Happy Friday everyone!

Only 15 more days until we move into our new house in Hutto. We are obviously excited about moving closer to our jobs, but as of last week we are a terrified. We had a contract on our old house for it to be sold and it all fell thru at the very last minute. As of now the house is back on the market, but we close on ours on the 17th…which means until we get another buyer, we will have two mortgages.

That sucks.

I can’t even allow myself to be excited about the new place until we get rid of the old one…but I guess whatever happens, happens. If you happen to know anyone that wants to be a beautiful home on the Shitville golf course, let me know!

This week has been surreal for me to say the least. Not only did I get to interview William Clark Green, Reckless Kelly, the Dirty River Boys and Wade Bowen in the studio with ERay this week, today we are going to be talking with Ray Benson from Asleep At The Wheel. I dieeeeeeeee!  I am so stinking excited.

I also got to sit in on the Koke and Cole Morning Show this week and it was easily the highlight of my so called “radio” career to date. I guess technically Bob Cole is my boss so I didn’t want to suck on the air and it wasn’t that I was nervous, I was just anxious. He is in the Country Music Hall of Fame for shit’s sake. I can and do and enjoy every second of shit talking I do on and off the air with my co-host Eric, but I don’t really know Bob…and Bob doesn’t now “Rita”.

I told myself, self…you can go in there and be the token “radio girl” that just giggles or you can take this opportunity to not only be your normal-unfiltered self, but just have a good time with it. I am damned near 40 years old and this is just who I am.

I think it went over well…or I hope I did! I STILL CRINGE when I hear my CACKLE though. I don’t even realize I do that. I think it is a nervous tick. Also, new drinking game; every time I saw “I knooooooooow” take a shot.

Here is Part One of the interview where we talk about the first time I met Eric, about me and Ike being swingers…but he’s not…(get the joke?)…Cody Johnson, how I “leak” music:

(Sidenote: I have been fiddling with this all morning…I know this says part two, but I THINK there are TWO different interviews finally. I hope.)

Part Two…this part is mostly about my boobs:

I really loved chatting with all the boys and I was honestly honored. Between Mr. Cole, David Anderson, Troy and Eric and the rest of the crew there is about 93409 years of radio experience. I just hope I wasn’t too over the top with the “F cup as in too effing big” for morning radio!

Speaking of…I am running late this morning, I gotta get to work!

Sidenote: Here is the Pete Benz “best angry song” we referenced in the interview…



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    Your two sound clouds are the same. At least it played the same thing over when I clicked the second one. Happy for you and ur success!! U go girl!

    • Reply September 6, 2013


      CRAP A DOODLE DO…I will fix it asap! Thanks!

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