The State Of The Rita Address: Operation Less Fat Ass and The Fun Friday Celebrity Sing-A-Long

What a crazy, crazy week!

I have been on “Week One” of Operation Less Fat Ass and haven’t had any sugar or Diet Coke. (Ok, I just lied…I have had some…but NOTHING near the 3-44 ounce Diet Coke’s from Sonic a day, which is what I was drinking.) I haven’t had any chicken nuggets or Pop Tarts or the other toddler junk food I normally eat. I am REALLY trying. I am not even concerned with losing weight, I just want to make an effort to take some responsibility in my own health. My fruit and vegetable intake has been tripled or quadrupled. That can’t be a BAD thing, right?

I wish I could tell y’all how much better I feel…but the truth is I have been a miserable bitch all week and dragging ass.

I know it has only been a week and I’m assuming this is a result of “detoxing” from the sugar and caffeine.

I would have thought not having the excess caffeine would have HELPED my sleep, but it has done the opposite. I am back to averaging 3-4 hours a night. I think that is because I have to wake up 3 times a night to go and pee. The water is KILLING me.

Boo-fucking-who for me. I know.

In the Bob Cole chair!

In the Bob Cole chair!

Yesterday Bob Cole (and yes, I always refer to him with two names, I can’t help it…he’s Bob Cole) did the morning show from Pennsylvania because he is up there for the Longhorn game, so I was lucky enough to join the Big Boys on the Koke and Cole Morning Show¬†for the Wally’s Men’s Wear Fun Friday Celebrity Sing-A-Long.

I love doing the morning show just because I love the reaction from the guys. I am not sure they know what to think of me because I don’t have much of a filter. It isn’t an act, that is just me. I don’t necessarily think it is always a good thing, but at my age…it is what it is. Eric is used to it by now and for some reason I think I am MUCH more tame with Eric than I am with Bob Cole, David Anderson and Scotty Bennett. It is weird because you’d think it would be the opposite because I am so intimidated by the Big Boys. These guys have all worked together for decades, literally decades and just the ridiculous amount of radio experience they have boggles my mind. They are legends. I still have NO idea how I got lucky enough to even be able it sit in a room with them and it still blows my mind every single time I think about it.

Anyway, I sang Sylvia’s classic song “Nobody”…and no matter what Eric says, I KILLED it. I tried to use my years of watching really crappy reality talent show television and like Paula Abdul¬†would say, I tried to make it my own.

Click HERE to listen to this train wreck.





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