The State Of The Rita Address

Yeah, I have this little blog thing. I used to write on it a lot too…but lately, not so much.

I haven’t been inspired. Looking back over my stats it seems like this is something I do every year in December. I fall off the blog-o-sphere.

There just isn’t a whole hell of a lot going on.

Even when I am looking for “tiddy bits” I come across stuff and I say to myself, “self…is this even something you’d want to read?” and most of the time it is “nope, not really.”

I feel like shit today with snot, sinus pain and coughing. I SWEAR if it is not one thing it is another. I am in a bad bad bad bad mood and I don’t want to hear any positive shit. I just don’t. Let me waller in my own misery.

AND…by the way, I have two broken bones in my foot. My doctor told me it was “tendonitis”. I hobbled around on it for 2 weeks and it just kept getting worse. I finally got into a REAL foot doctor that actually did an Xray and sure enough…it is broken.


I don’t know where or how…but I have a stress fracture in two metatarsal bones.

I am in this air cast until the swelling goes down and then a real cast and then surgery…surgery being the worst cast scenario.

There are a lot shittier things in the world wrong with a lot more people…but I’m not them. I’m me.


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