The Eli Young Band Got Drunk Last Night…


The Eli Young Band has a new single they released this week and it ain’t so bad. I know I should hate it because these guys are from Texas and they found mainstream country music success and that is just the rules, but again…it ain’t so bad. To tell you the truth, when I saw the title a few weeks ago I went out of my way to NOT look it up online and listen to it because I just assumed it would be another “sippin’ on shine” bullshit party song. It isn’t. I heard it for the first time on the radio yesterday and I didn’t want to stick knitting needles into my ears. I am sure this will be another huge hit for them…and on the Texas Charts as well.


Farce The Music Dot Com

I loved what Farce had to say because it is true. There is the long-standing debate about what SHOULD happen when a “regional” act from Texas (like a Miranda Lambert) hits the big time and whether or not they should still be able to “chart” on the Texas Charts or if they should be retired or “honorably discharged”.

My opinion…not that anyone asked…is no, they shouldn’t chart. Is that punishment? No. Do radio stations that play “mainstream” country 20 hours a day and Texas/Red Dirt music 4 hours a night and also report to the Texas charts slip in the new single from EYB during those 4 hours just count up the number of times the song has played throughout the day and just report that number? You bet your ass they do. Is that cheating? Is that double dipping? Kinda.

Does that mean that Texas radio should shun them and “PUNISH” them by not allowing them to have a #1 song for 28 weeks on the TMC? Does that mean just because they ARE as successful as they are that they are taking a spot away from another artist in Texas and keeping them from charting?


What if they suddenly start to crash and burn and don’t get played on mainstream radio anymore, can we take them back?

These are all questions I have seen brought up in the past.

I don’t know the answers to any of them, but I do know what I read in black in white:

Artists qualify when they have performed 30% of their shows in Texas or its adjoining states six (6) months prior to the date of the single release and during the Chart life of the single.

So…who does that math? Ain’t nobody got time for long division and fractions! Who is to say that a Craig Morgan doesn’t play at least 30% of his shows in the area? Should his latest single get released to Texas Radio double dip on the chart?

Again…I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, I just don’t think a band as successful as EYB not charting is a BAD thing.

DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES! And so has the Eli Young Band.

That’s a good thing, right?



  • Reply June 27, 2013


    I have always wondered this myself and I think it’s great that the Texas Music Chart allows Texas mainstream artists on their chart. But also wonder how much it does take away from non-mainstream artists that are amazing such as Reckless Kelly, The Departed, and so on.

  • Reply June 27, 2013

    Lee Hardaway

    The truth is once a Texas artist finds major mainstream success they don’t give a rat’s ass if they still chart on the TMC. If they did, they would continue to play Texas shows. Take them off! They’re too busy hanging out with Jake Owen to notice anyway.

    • Reply June 27, 2013


      They don’t care but their radio promoters do. They are still getting paid and then take the money and start charging more and more and more.

  • Reply June 28, 2013


    Does anyone care if they chart on the TMC? It is a huge joke among real artists. The only people who care about TMC are wannabe Texas Artists who think it will magically draw more fans to their terrible show, or will somehow legitimize their presence.

    Eventually, those artists recognize that it means absolutely nothing. It will not put anyone else at your show, and it will not make any other artist suddenly believe you are worthy.

    Everyone, including fans, know it is a pay to play game, and holds no credibility or relevance in a career. You pay the radio promoter, and no matter how awful your song it, they will get it played. There are an embarrassingly high number of crappy songs on this chart each week.

    So the answer to your question is simply another question, “Who cares?” The answer to that question is “Nobody.”

    • Reply June 30, 2013

      Don in Huaco

      Dude, you state that as if there aren’t any crappy songs on national radio. See Blake Shelton and his chew tobacco chew tobacco not worth spit song as current exhibit #1. TMC is needed, if nothing else, as a gauge for the stations playing Tx C&W, the number of stations which, if you’re paying attention, have steadily increased in recent years. What you like is your business of course. I agree that there’s plenty of crap in Texas music but crap is prevalent all over in music. Half the fun is finding the good stuff. Sometimes there’s a gem in a thrift store.

      As to Rita’s question…keep it separate. If Ely Young is in the top 20 that means someone who might be new and decent has to hang out at 21 for a week too long. I do think there’s a special case for veterans. We can call it the Willie rule….because Willie rules Texas and national music.

      Your mileage may vary. Wrapper not edible.

  • Reply June 29, 2013


    Keller- WOW! Not so true! My husband is gracious, every single time he receives an award, plaque or random shout out! Regardless of where, or who it comes from, it makes a difference. What would TX think, if they politely declined a nomination? My first bet would be a shit ton of trash talk. Also, why would people boycott a band they’d spent years promoting, especially since
    texas music prides themselves on their homegrown artists, not to mention they’ve had some great success. In addition, my husband was one of those “Wanna Be Texas Artists”, who worked his ass off & finally made it. I’m sorry you did not. Hoping you get over your bitterness soon! -Hearts, flowers & shit

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