Stop The Winged Guitar Madness Tiddy Bits

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flyingguitarI spent so much of my valuable time trying to eradicate the “basic-ness” of the “Winged Guitar” and then the dude that won The Voice is running around the world wearing one the size of an Olympic Gold medal.

I give up.

Stop it. Just stop the madness.

Or embrace it. I don’t even care anymore. I am sure some stylist from Khol’s gave it to him.

Dale Watson quits country music. 

I got in the wrong line on career day.  

She doesn’t even LOOK like Miranda anymore. 

Pudding and CMT Alison with one L… 

Oh Em Gee…Brant Smith is SO hot. 

All of that bronzer has screwed up his short term memory. He needs a carb to help him remember Truck Yeah. 

I love him, but I’m pretty sure he shit bricks of Velveeta and corn cobs. 

Grant makes pancakes and cuts down trees. 

I sat next to Keith Gattis on a plane once. He wasn’t very chatty.  

We posted on of these date on the KOKE Facebook page and people went nuts…in a bad way. 



  • Reply January 14, 2015


    They have stylists at kohls?!?! Ha! Who knew

    • Reply January 15, 2015


      Did you NOT watch The Voice? You could purchase EVERY outfit the contestants wore. I know this because they said it 39489328439849893893893 an episode.

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