Senorita or Senor Mas Fina???


This picture was the very first thing that I saw this morning when I opened my eyes…and yes, I sleep with my phone in my hand….don’t judge me.

Nope, someone didn’t photoshop Kevin Fowler’s head on some hairy woman’s body…that is really Kevin.

I wasn’t exactly sure what context this was taken in, but I soon discovered that this was taken at the KILT’s 10 Man Jam last night. Kevin came out like that when Jack Ingram was singing “Barbie Doll” and then proceeded to try and give Chris Young and Creager a lap dance. (Thanks for the ‘fo Jeremy!)

Dear Santa,

I have been a very bad girl this year, but can we maybe over look that and you can deliver video of Kevin Fowler attempting to give Chris Young a lap dance to my email box? Please and thank you.



Some of the captions on Facebook were hysterical. For example:

Beer, Bait and Homo
Hey, pimpin’ ain’t easy.
Queer Season
Don’t Touch My Belly
Masculino fino Come and love mi por favor…
He’s a hard woman to love.
Hell Yeah, I look queer.
He’s our little Butter Bean
Party Fowl(er)
Because you don’t get abs like this drinking regular Budweiser.

Hell, I am just jealous.  I wish my stomach was that flat.  I have six titties when I put on a pair of jean. True story.


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