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It is a Sunday that feels like a Saturday. I wish we would have gone to Pickin’ for Preemies but damn this stupid house and all this MOVING stuff. What a waste of a perfectly good long weekend. Oh well, there is always next year and I have Twitter to keep me company. Here are a few of the Tweets I collected this week.


@raywylie: 3:15 wake up call..Rocknroll is a vicious game.

@WadeBowen: Yes there are days when I wish I was @jimmyfallon.

‏@johndavidkent: I forget sometimes how much o LOVE playing piano.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 5.00.26 PM

@ChrisStapleton: Frontier airlines sucks. $100 to gate check a guitar. Ridiculous.

@TXMusicTheatre: I guess you heard we are no longer TMT – playing up to the students with new sound. Country Music fans say goodbye.

@KevinFowler: One of my “babies” at the ranch.


@BartCrow: Does anyone else see spots & borderline blackout putting on ur shoes or boots??? Hmmm, maybe I just have a cold. #Fattyarbuckle

@craigkfowler: Anyone who likes Turnpike Troubadours can eat shat and unfollow me.
#theysuck #whalepenis (Retweeted by @TurnpikeTroubadours)

@Farcethemusic: Leann Rimes Honors MLK, Jr…Hmmm??

lrimes mlk

@ReginaldSpears: Hello douchebag country singer, let me curse you for your time. Sing a stupid truck song for a livin’, just a drinkin’ that fake moonshine.

@notahitwriter: A lot of today’s music is nothing but a Big Mac. Bad for you, disposable, and cheap.


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    The LeAnn Rimes tweet! I’m dying!

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