Same Shit Tiddy Bits

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Ehhh…that about sums it up today.  I am frustrated and I  have to find a better way to deal with my temper. It’s not anger, it is temper and I have to learn to recognize my “triggers”.  Blah Fucking Blah.

As much as I bitch about it, the realization that I’m not going to CMAFest in Nashville this year is kinda hitting me. I’m extra pouty cause I’m not going to the CMA Awards either.

I know, I know…Boo Fucking Whoo.

As far as the blog-o-shere, it is the same shit…different day.  Carrie, Carrie, Carrie.  Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.  Tim, Tim, Tim. Shelbert, Shelbert, Shelbert.

I tried to scrounge up some stuff.

A little bit of Crow… 

At least I could follow this review without my Thesaurus. 

People don’t just steal guitars in Texas.  

Look how easy it is!   

Joe leaves the Dog.  

Quoteable Country 

OMG I can’t McFucking wait.  

Troy Aikman and Garth?  

Lee Ann loves the homeless.  

Berry Slang 

Retro Miranda pics and the “story” of Blake’s D I V O R C E 

Just because I’m in the mood.  

Because I am still in the mood.  

Winged Guitar of the Day 



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