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Ok, I promised no more “milking” that whole near death by scooter experience jokes. Who could ever be so damn tacky? Pffftttt…

I am forever in debt and super-duper thankful that my new best friend Mr. Will Hoge and all of his peep-powers-that-be allowed me the honor of playing his brand new song on my little radio show yesterday!

I. Die.

If you missed it…here are the deets.

“Another Song Nobody Will Hear” is a new single by Will Hoge that features what’s his face…that Wade Bowen guy. Well, the song is going to be released to Texas/Red Dirt radio in early January and it is ALSO going to be available on iTunes. Check it:

Well, unbeknownst to me…unbeknownst is one of my favorite words right behind tomfoolery and twatwaffle just in case you were wondering, because I am sure you were… this record was apparently produced by Jordan Powell who is married to Holler Annie. I didn’t know any of this 6 Degrees of Separation stuff because I am honestly completely out of the loop and busy tormenting people like Scott Baio on Twitter most of the time, until I saw THIS tweet from the Pistol Annies:

Shut. The. Front. Door.

How ridiculously cool is that????

The tweet has since disappeared, but it happened…so that is still all gosh’damned kinds of bad ass…just like the song. The version below is the version with that Wade dude from Troubadour, Tx singing too.

Oh….and guess who is playing guitar on that track???? None other than my little Banjo Boy, Charlie Worsham!

Love love love.


(Oh, and save the hate mail.  I KNOW who Wade is…the reason that is funny is because I have a frigging Wade Bowen shrine in my spare bedroom.  It is hella creepy.  You can ask anyone that has ever stayed at my house.)


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    Thank you for this. My two favorite artists, this is awesome!

  • Reply December 14, 2012


    My goodness, This is gold! Thank you for introducing me to Will Hoge & Thank you for clearing up that Wade Bowen stuff! ( I’m working on a shrine too ;)!) I adore you Rita B.

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