Rita On The Radio: Rebecca Creek Whiskey Song Swap #MF15 (AUDIO)


At this year’s MusicFest, I was honored to be invited by Mario Flores to join the Rebecca Creek Whiskey team during one of their daily Song Swap shows at the Slopeside Grill…and I would be completely lying if I didn’t say it one of the most fun things I did at Steamboat this year.

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I was a “guest host” during the Rebecca Creek Radio broadcast alongside Cameran Nelson for the Gabe Garcia, Bri Bagwell and Mario Flores guitar pull and I am not sure ANYONE was ready for the straight up shenanigans and bona fide high jinks that followed. I know I wasn’t!

(And I am not sure Team RC was aware of what happens when someone give Rita Ballou an open microphone without FCC regulations either. I never have a clue what I am going to say until it has already left my mouth.)



I wish I could find the words to paint this picture accurately, but I can’t. The room was jam-packed and the energy in the room is just indescribable.

(Do y’all remember in Season Two of True Blood when Maryann Forrester came to town and put the spell on everyone?  Just imagine that…but with less violence.)

So. Much. Fun.

The nice peeps from Rebecca Creek Radio are allowing me to post the entire unedited audio from the afternoon, so if you’d like to re-live all the “Uncomfortable Moments brought to you by Rita Ballou” including me trying to get Tuff Hedeman’s attention by asking him if he really beat up Stoney LaRue as well as my blatantly hitting on Cameran Nelson and asking Bri if she skinned a Wookie for her vest…plus LOTS and LOTS of really great music and Mario cow-onsie references…you can stream it all below:

I’d like to personally thank Cameran, Gabe, Bri and especially Mario and all the amazing people from Rebecca Creek Whiskey including Steve and Susan for letting me be a part of an unforgettable afternoon.


P.S. When y’all aren’t listening to KOKE FM…be sure to listen to Rebecca Creek Radio to hear more music from their artists! You can download their smartphone ap just by clicking HERE.

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