Rita-liation: Orphans, Battery Acid and Kevin Fowler


This little nugget of love comes word for word via my Facebook wall:

“Now I see why Jimmy Carter can’t stand you…”

Mrs Rita…After comments you made about if Kevin Fowler asked fans to pour acid on orphans and they probably would I find that very disturbing, tasteless, and unprofessional with line of work you do.. You could have chosen better words but instead you didn’t..I believe you need to appologize to lots if people for that phrase..Therefore I will not partake in your Facebook stuff..Now I see why Jimmy Carter can’t stand you…


If you are going to quote me…at least quote me properly.

I said “Kevin Fowler fans are so dedicated and he gets them whipped into such a frenzy that IF he asked them to pour battery acid on orphans, they would.”

It is called a compliment.

No orphans, Fowler fans or batteries were injured to my knowledge due to this statement so therefore no apologies will be issued this time around, but I do appreciate your kind words.

I am just sad that you are going to miss all the pictures of my dogs sleeping that I post non-stop on my Facebook page, so feel free to partake in my Instagram stuff just by clicking HERE.

Hugs and kisses forever.


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