Rita And Raines: Radney Foster In Studio

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Ahhhhhhh…that happened.

Radney Foster came by the studio last week before his performance at Waterloo Records and it was all kinds of awesome. I got so star struck that I TRIED to not speak…only because when I get like that, I tend to babble incoherently and say more embarrassing things than I usually do…but the truth is I just couldn’t talk.

Eric and Radney talked while I listened all about the new album, Hootie the Man Fan, Kacey Musgraves and much more…but the biggest thing that I took away from this interview was this quote:

“Your job as a single songwriter is to go digging around in your soul.”

Part One:

Part Two including Radney singing “California”:

Part Three including Radney singing “Texas in 1880″:

And let us all not forget what happened when we weren’t recording:

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Get your own copy of Radney’s Everything I Should Have Said just by clicking HERE


Sidenote: I have a confession…I had no idea what Hootie sang on the song “Angel Flight”. I tried to play it off like I did, but I had no clue!.

The more you know.


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