Rita And Raines: Paul Thorn In Studio Performance ‘Pimps And Preachers’ (VIDEO)

RitaRainesBetter post late than never, right?

Here is a some magic from the KOKE TV 2014 archives!

Paul Thorn stopped by the studios to visit during his Too Blessed To Be Stressed album radio tour in December and performed “Pimps And Preachers” in the KOKE FM Lone Star studios.

“If you only get your information from one source, you’ll be ignorant…” Paul Thorn

Sidenote: Eric gave me hell for being on my phone the whole time during this performance, but I swear I was listening. I was just too giddy to look up and I was posting pictures on Twitter. It’s what I do.

More Paul stuff from my Music Fest “Operation Stalk PT” coming soon via my Steamboat recaps!


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