Rita And Raines: Pat Green In Studio + KOKE TV ‘Carry On’ Acoustic Performance

RitaRainesAwww…I remember this day just like it was two weeks ago…because it was.

Pat Green came by the studio for our little “Girls From Texas” promotion. We had snacks. It was kind of a big deal.



I was trying SO hard to be cool and aloof, but I was completely geeking out inside…and it showed. I have never been accused of being a professional.


I don’t know Pat and have never had a real conversation with him, but wow…he’s all over the place…worse than I am, and that’s pretty bad. Seriously, I felt so bad for Eric. He was trying desperately to reign us both in. HE is such a pro.

Pat was here about thirty minutes and poor Eric had to edit out so much of it because I wouldn’t shut up. I get extra chatty when I am nervous.

(Also, we had a studio FULL of people…which looking back, might not have been the best idea to set the mood for the ‘intimate’ interview we were hoping to have. I choked. Hashtag Rookie Sidekick Mistake.)

One of these days Eric will edit down and send me the audio about my favorite bible verse that was brought up in this interview. It was classic. (Leviticus 18:19. Google it.)

I was trying to get Pat all fired up about the “state of the scene” around the end of Part Three of this interview just because talking about it gets me all fired up, but he wasn’t going for it. I don’t blame him. Damn it.





We loved having Pat in. I hope we didn’t scare him off and I hope he will come back again soon!


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