R And R Tiddy Bits

This week is rolling right along. My first week on the air has been so much fun. I hope if y’all have been able to catch some of the “R and R” show on KOKE FM, you can tell we are having fun. That is really the entire goal of the show. We had Matt Caldwell come in yesterday and he brought his margarita machine…which blew up.

It was awesome.

If you don’t live in Austin, you can always listen online HERE or even download the Free Ap. We are on from 3-7 Monday thru Friday with the help of some radio magic, at least until we get moved to town. Y’all check it out…if not for us, but for the music. I really think you will absolutely love the mix.

I think he’s been on an all carrot diet. He’s orange. 

I can’t even pronounce this band’s name.  

She’s so purty.  

Luke has a new album…and a great ass.  

New big Willie album and headlining tour.  

“It may not be country but neither is anything else you play” 

Reckless in Seattle 

This is deep. 

His ice cream was pretty good.  

New and Noteworthy  

Five with Willy, no E… 

Like flies :( 

WInged Guitar of the Day

Winged Guitar of the Day



  • Reply August 14, 2013


    observation: that plug looks like a golden penis…

  • Reply August 14, 2013


    I mean seriously, why even bother adding it in to the design? ( I had to go back and look)… it’s totally irrelevant and takes away from the “wings”… or maybe it’s just the gross bloody spot that keeps me looking at it, going “why”? Why do that? Why get a bad tat? Do they really think that the “cover up the bad tattoo” show is still going to be on in 10 yrs when they get tired of this and wake up with regret? Gross.

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