Are The Pistol Annies Breaking Up? SAY IT AIN’T SO…



My phone has been blowing up with questions about the Pistol Annie’s changing all of their booked gig dates to JUST Miranda dates.


Did they split the sheets?

Honestly, I have no idea.

I guess I have a few sources I could check, but I am heading out for a long weekend in Fort Worth and since I DO NOT want all the scuttlebutt to be true, I am going to pretend I am not hearing it. I can’t imagine that being the case, especially since they just put out the new album…which is AWESOME. Maybe there is just some legal contract crap going down…again, hell if I know. I wish I did. Maybe they are just keeping everything “Hush, Hush”.  (See what I did there?)

If anything gets posted “officially” as to what is going on, I will be sure to Tweet it, etc.

Until then…Annie Up, bitches!



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