Non-Exclusive World Premiere: Brandon Rhyder’s ‘It’s Just Me’ Music Video

Ballou TubeIf you haven’t seen Brandon Rhyder’s new music video, you are missing out…just like Eric Raines and I missed out! We were asked to be a part of this, but we kinda blew it off. We didn’t MEAN to blow it off, but if you know ERay, you know he isn’t exactly the kinda guy that has any “free” time since he works 42 hours a day and because I have bad hair and it doesn’t look good in HD, I was a little chicken. I could kick myself because the lighting in this video is AMAZING. EVERYONE looks like a million bucks!

Since my God given talent IS making everything about me…I will just shut up and make it about this lovely “It’s Just Me” video.

Watch closely for all these scenlebrity-type cameos:

Charla Corn – 95.9 The Ranch Morning host, Country music singer and blogger

Alexis Bloomer – Bloomer Trailers, Rodeo Radio Host

Justin Rackley – Professional Bass Fisherman

Stephen McGee – Texas A&M and Dallas Cowboys QB

Michael Middleton – Owner of

Junk Gypsy – GAC TV Show

Robbie Ross – Texas Rangers Pitcher

Fallon Taylor – #2 Barrel Racer

Davy Vines – Lives on the land where we shot the video

Shayne Hollinger – Afternoon host on 95.9 The Ranch

Tuf Cooper – #1 Roper in the world. Youngest million dollar cowboy.

Aaron Watson – Country Music Singer

Mrs. Rhiddlehoover and Offspring


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