Nite Nite Tiddy Bits…

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This week seems to be flying by…it is almost Thursday.  Well, it will be in 26 minutes.  I am SO pissed that I didn’t get to go to the KVET show at the Nutty Brown to see Brandon Jenkins and Jack Ingram.  I guess I could have gone, but my allergies are kicking my ass BIG TIME. Blech! I want to move to Alaska every September/October when the ragweed is pollinating.

I am going to post this and then try to get some sleep…which means I’ll be back around 3 am.


The passing out the 200 extra M&G passes was funnier. 

God didn’t make plastic surgeons so they could starve. 

I hate this silly song. 

These videos never work. 

Time to waltz on down to Olan Mills for a new promo pic.

I’m not the only one disgusted. 

Get well soon Randy! 

Drink up! 

Mando is everywhere I look all of a sudden…

The new McShelbert tune

Winged Guitar of the Day



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    Kyle, Kyle, lose that nasty hat while cooking…better yet just lose it..

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