New Wade Bowen Christmas Music: “O Holy Night” (AUDIO)


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My house is full of company and I am hiding from the family.

My mother-in-law told me earlier that her mom reads my Facebook page everyday and to not write anything bad about them on it this weekend. I am still a little freaked out about the fact Grandma Kolstad reads my Facebook.

The holidays are not my favorite time of the year, but I swore to Eric Raines I was going to give being jolly this year a whirl…I might even put up a Christmas tree! I can be jolly, but I can’t pretend to like Christmas music. I just don’t. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

The only REAL Christmas music is Momma Ballou’s Elvis’ Christmas Album because that is the record my mom would play every year when we would decorate the tree. The rest is just annoying.


Bah Humbug I reckon.

Also if you DARE say the Dolly Parton’s Hard Candy Christmas is a CHRISTMAS song, I will lose my shit on you. Hard Candy Christmas is one of my top favorite songs OF ALL TIME…but it is NOT ABOUT CHRISTMAS. It is a song about a sad whore. Period. No further discussion.

This little nugget of holiday goodness showed up in my email box a few days ago, but just out of principle I didn’t want to post it until AFTER Thanksgiving. The CHRISTMAS season shouldn’t start until Thanksgiving is over. Christmas always steals Thanksgiving’s thunder.

Sidenote: My 10-year-old nephew blessed the food and his prayer was pretty stinking cute. (Read this to yourself in a very heavy Tennessee accent to truly appreciate it.)

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this food.
Please help everyone traveling stay safe.
Also help Uncle Wesley’s Fantasy Football team today.

Since we have already eaten our Ballougiving dinner, I guess it is time to officially kick off Christmas 2013.


I give you Wade Bowen’s version of “O Holy Night”:




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