New Music: Sunny Shasta Sweeney’s “Bad Girl Phase”

I have oodles and oodles of stuff I need to post today…but damn it if I am running behind on EVERYTHING. One thing at a time Rita…one thing at a time.

First up…my non-lesbian lesbian crush Sunny Shasta Sweeney has a brand new single from her upcoming album that hit the e-streets this week.


Pretty spunky. No princesses, no castles, no tear drops on her guitar! Forget Bro Country…that is BRA COUNTRY!

Sidenote: I heard some of Sunny’s new stuff at the Austin Rodeo Gala and LOVVVVVED it….especially the song “Backhanded Compliment”. I can’t wait for the new album! It is gonna be a good-un.

You can get in a “Bad Girl Phase” all of your own, just by clicking HERE.



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