My Throat Hurts Tiddy Bits

It is Monday. I went to the doctor last week just to get my eczema cream prescription refilled and now I think I have strep throat. My throat hurts. Damn it. Call me a hypochondriac if you want to, but those places are FULL of germs. I do not have time to be sick.


Kelly Clarkson “elopes” and we all knew about it.

Ugh, how long until she loses her shit and has another Twitter meltdown and has to go to Twitter Rehab again? SHE STARTS THIS HERSELF.

I love him. I don’t care where he is from. It is better than hearing songs about the Riverwalk and Enchanted Rock. Period.  

Toothless drunk hags???  

I AGREE with him, but does he REALLY have any room to talk??? 

It’s gonna be a good’un. 

Nothing makes me more sick… 

You can’t say she’s not smart. Her music ain’t country, but she ain’t stupid. 

They have a record coming out tomorrow… 


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