Music Facebook Page ‘Like’ Secrets Revealed: Jake Gill’s Fakebook

Um, wow.

This video isn’t “new” or anything, in fact it looks like it was uploaded over 5 months ago…but I just saw it today.

I think at this point everyone either does it or knows that it can be done, no big surprises here but let’s just call it Exhibit 34989234892384923849389433 on why just because someone has tons of Facebook likes or a million Twitter followers, it doesn’t mean they are legit.

For the record, I don’t know this artist and I am not familiar with his music OR the person who made and uploaded this video, but if either one of them could please help me get 235 more Twitter followers before next month for my 5 year blog-a-versary, that would be awesome.

It is my personal goal.

Much like Jake Gill, I’m not too proud to cheat either. Allegedly.

Hmmm…now, if artists could only figure out how to win a Billy Bob’s Texas “fan voted” contest with fake votes…because that worked out so well for everyone.




  • Reply January 21, 2015


    I agree with your article and I know this guy very well and it saddens me to say, you have only merely scratched the surface of issues with him.

  • Reply January 21, 2015


    Yep, then there’s the exploitation of military/veterans for his own personal gain. I spoke with one of the guys on his “troops” page, Jake claims to “sponsor” them while they’re active. The soldier had no idea who Jake was and never gave consent to be on Jake’s page.

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