Monday Tiddy Bits

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 4.12.37 PM

Let’s see…what’s going on today.

Ummm…it’s Monday?  That’s really about it.

Sorry, I’m lame.

I did book my pre-op appointment for the boob reduction. I’m very nervous! March 20th is the big day.

Forever and Ever AA 

Poor Pudding…. 

Why her and not me?  I LOVE Diet Coke!  

Old fart music… 

I can’t believe she’s only 26!  So polished!  

I’m late to this game, but I’m all in now… 

Hot hot hot hot! 

That’s why I always agree with the fire marshall… 

Ha!  I giggled at this. A lot.  

Why hasn’t Aaron heard this Wednesday?  

King for a Day… 

That wasn’t the 60′s 

Winged Guitar of the Day 



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