Monday Tiddy Bits…

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Well guess what!?!

I have a big time lunch tomorrow with really important people and I KNOW this group has absolutely ZERO ties to “Those We Don’t Speak Of” or their “infamous” ultimatum speed dial so there shouldn’t be any side picking or phone calls. Won’t that just be a breath of fresh air and take the pressure off so many people? Ahhh…how nice. Plus they aren’t even Canadians. It should be an interesting day.

The best part of Monday is all the news…so here goes:

TOO funny!!!

Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry! 

Something is off with this right?  It’s just not me trying to be snarky.

He got drunk and he’s sorry.  No biggie. 

I could have done without the hand holding, but this was great. Her makeup was flawless too. 

DVR Alert! 

“Very Ryan Seacrest” 

You know, I don’t think I blame her for wanting photo approval.  

Shiny Matt

I love Clay Walker! 

The Annie’s shoes are much cuter too. 

Winged Guitar of the Day

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