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Happy Monday!

I have oodles of things to post about today, but just to keep you all in suspense I am going to hold off and spread them out. Basically, you can read about them all first on the other blogs, but at least I will have material…even if it is dated.

I want to thank everyone that joined us for the “Tweet Up” last Friday at the Broken Spoke. 1100 Springs put on a great show and I had the tequila heartburn to show for it. We had a nice little group and it was fun, as always!

We ran into Lincoln Durham and his Strawberry Shortcake wifey at the show too. Lincoln and I bonded over horrible Junior High School war stories. Lincoln got pee-peed on by the older boys in the bathroom and I won the “Ugly as a Cold Booger on a Paper Plate” award in the 8th grade and on the last day of school all the kids on the bus threw paper plates at me.

Oh, oh, oh…I tried to make myself believe this was all a bad acid trip flashback, but it looks like the news is true.  RaeLynn…one name like Cher or Madonna…has officially signed a record deal.  Fuck me. Oh, and by the way her REAL name is Racheal Woodward.

Racheal officially signed with Republic Nashville. I think that news might have killed Kitty, but I don’t have any proof of that…its just an assumption. Her label mates include people who can actually fucking sing like The Band Perry, Eli Young Band, Martina McBride and Sunny Sweeney. The label is a sister label to Big Machine Records, the home of  Tay Tay, Truck Yeah McGraw and Rascal Fats.

I got nothing…but I hope they got plenty of auto-tune.

It really pisses me off that Sunny made what in my opinion was a contender for the Album of the Year, but they didn’t PROMOTE it worth a shit.  You can bet your big ass hair flower that they will be pimping this overgrown Toddler and Tiaras reject all over the damn place.  It makes my ass pucker.

I am at a loss for words…so I will let Racheal’s “voice” speak for me.

Click HERE to listen to Racheal’s very own rendition of Hell on Heels.

Sony screwed Pickler. 

Garth ain’t dead.   

Twitter Fails 

HA HA HA…I guess he didn’t like it.  

I like this song.  I would like her more if she wasn’t so frigging stunning.  

Slanging JDK 

Wasn’t this video called The Thunder Rolls?  

Behind the Scenes Tart… 

Ten with Duncan.

Winged Guitar of the Day 




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    Fuck that noise. I hope she gets shelved.

  • Reply July 17, 2012


    Just proves what we’ve known all along……Nashville is tone deaf and wouldn’t know an “artist” if he/she kicked them in the ball sac.

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