Love Day Tiddy Bits

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I had a great Valentine’s Day! We celebrated last night and I gotta tell y’all, Ike did good. I got a new Kindle Fire! I am so excited about it. I already downloaded the new Jennifer Weiner novel and I can’t wait to play around with it some more. I got him a very romantic lap top stand on wheels for his Man Cave. He seemed please.

I gotta admit, I bought myself a little something special today too, but I couldn’t help it! They were marked down $300 bucks to $50…and let’s be honest, they are all kinds of fabulous. Plus they are the color of my new website design, so it was kinda meant to be.

 Speaking of boots, if you are in the market for a great pair of boots or present for a great cause, please check out this special limited edition offer from The Boot Campaign.

 Check out the details HERE. 

I am not one to peddle stuff one this blog…but the Boot Campaign is such a wonderful organization.  Ike and I are both military brats and our fathers both retired from the Army, but I honestly can say I personally wasn’t aware of so many of the tragic challenges that the soliders have to handle when they return serving their country…until my father’s death. Learning more about about PTSD, I realized so many reasons why my father was the way he was and it really has opened my eyes and helped me heal.  My father didn’t talk about his time in Vietnam until late in his life, but we can now see how his struggles did lead directly to his suicide…40 years later.  If you get the chance, please take a second to read about the Boot Campaign and the ways they are helping the veterans and active troops deal with so many of the emotional, mental and physical issues the soliders AND their families have to deal with when they get home.

Sigh.  Heavy, heavy stuff.

On a lighter note…let’s see what is happening out there in the world today!

Ain’t Living Long Like This 

Take that JHud.  LeAnn gets her tribute on too.  

Kelly Clarkson is making Jason Aldean sound bad.  

Lessons Learned.  

Matt’s Motors!  

Will Hoge said this sucked.

Mary Sarah.  Rising.  

There is a reason why she doesn’t allow photo passes.  I wouldn’t want 20 pictures shot from under my chin either.  


Winged Guitar of the Day


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