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Monday funday!

This week is going to be the start of a very interesting adventure.  I haven’t had time to sit down and give you all of the details, but don’t worry…I will.  It’s not a secret, I just keep thinking it is all going to fall thru because that has been my experience with tons of “Rita” related stuff and I don’t want to jinx myself. It isn’t everyday all your dreams kinda come true and you change your career path at the age of 37.

Pity party time…I remember telling my Daddy that one day I was going to grow up and talk on the television just like Lorianne. He would always tell me that “the television is only for the pretty girls”. I’m not gonna be on the television but that is the magic of radio, right?

(Like you thought I was going to pass up an opportunity to play the Daddy Issues card?  Pfft! You know I love to milk that shit!)

It is storming its ass off right now and I don’t know how much longer my internet service is going to hold up, so I will just post these and get to getting…

Dirty Buddy

They should just hook up already.  Blake would enjoy that. 

Hayes is the most F’ed up… 

Sue’s TT News  

How’d I miss this?  

Willie, Snoop and the Boys… 

I can’t imagine the snail trails this tour will leave on Panty Row.  

I feel a snarkfest coming on.  

My DVR messed this up last night!  Grrr…  

Winged Guitar of the Day 





  • Reply March 20, 2012

    Sue @aggiejournalist

    Sweetie! That was so nice of you to link to my dorky blog post. I’m glad you read it at all! Please keep taking over the world :)

  • Reply March 20, 2012


    that “winged guitar” looked like a penis at first….

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