Long Week Tiddy Bits…

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What a week!  It seems like this one lasted an entire month. Ike Turner Ballou is going to be home for the next 9 days “recovering” and I am not sure I want him to know my “home alone” secrets…that include:

I only pretend to get up with he is leaving for work, but when he drives off I just go back to bed. 

I let the dogs lick all the plates clean before I put them in the dishwasher. 

I know that Spanky the UPS man comes everyday with his work deliveries, but I just pretend I don’t hear the doorbell because I don’t want to have to put on a bra and pants just to go to the door when he just leaves the shit on the front porch anyway. 

I sit cross-legged on the bathroom vanity every single morning for about half an hour “extracting” any blackheads I see on my nose while I listen to the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show. 

Yeah…not being home alone all day might put a little kink into my daily routine. But on the other hand, he is going to be locked in his Mancave playing Call of Duty 3 anyway. (He is taking me to see the Twilight movie, he just doesn’t know it yet.)

Everyone enjoy the weekend!

How jealous is Wade Bowen right now? 

Lincoln’s Lament

The Dixie Chicks are looking for a 4th. 

Back to the Vernon…

Calm down Taylor…its just music. 

Hayes and I have the SAME obsession. 

Even the Rolling Stone knows someone stole Jason’s shit. 

Oh my hell…Making the Band country style.   

McMiniNips with Adam 

Winged Guitar of the Day



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  • Reply November 20, 2011


    you can not have it both ways….Its just music? Than why do you bash Casey Donahew all the time about his music appealing to underage kids? Taylor needs to get over herself ITS jst music YET Casey needs to be a role model. Come on Rita- make up your mind. Kinda a double standard and not fair!

    • Reply November 21, 2011


      Not fair? How old are you? I hope you are a female and if not check between your legs because you either have a pussy or a pussy. If this music scene was fair talent would be filling venues, singer/songwriter would not gimmicks.

  • Reply November 21, 2011


    Why the fuck do you continue to come to this woman’s website if you disagree with her some much? That is a stalkerish hatred and obsessive behavior. I haven’t seen the name Casey Donahew been mentioned on this website in months. This website seems to be focusing on quality art

  • Reply November 21, 2011


    Artists rather that that stupid shit the brainwashed uneducated idiots listen to. I have learned about new acts like the Quails and Kasey Musgraves on this website. You seem to be the only douchebag mentioning your leader Casey. Obsessive much.

  • Reply November 21, 2011


    Taylor and Casey have a great deal in common. They both have giant fake dentures and neither one of them can sing. Taylor has one thing going for her that Casey will never have and that is respect from her peers.

  • Reply November 21, 2011

    Team rehab

    Can gimemeabreak please show me where Rita said Casey Donahue needed to be a role model because I must have missed that blog. If your point is Casey sings music that appeals to kids, guess what. He does. Why is that a bash?

    It is the Casey Camp that seems to start all the shit on this blog if you ask me.

    I won’t allow my 14 year old daughter to wear a Team Drunk shirt. If Casey’ was a role model he wouldnt sell those shirts to kids. Hasn’t he been to rehab?


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