Lazy Lump Tiddy Bits

Winged Guitar of the Day

This weekend is going by WAY too fast. I can’t believe it is already Sunday afternoon. I haven’t done much this weekend or ANYTHING, but I have enjoyed having the house to myself and being a lazy lump.

Here are some Tiddy Bits to tide you over until Monday:

The Band of Heathens in the NYTimes!

This could have been a whole lot worse… 

Show Tanya the money.  

Statesboro Revue Episode Three 

Tom was right. And we all know it.  

I love their cherry pancakes… 

This is Reggie Spears’ fault.  

I can’t believe Kesha makes more than Gary.  

Five with Chuckie 

Kelly Clarkson does a bad Miranda impression.  

Songs about Venereal Disease 


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