Kylie Rae Harris Sneak Listen: Taking It Back

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It is time for a Kylie Rae Harris megapost!

KRH aka Walt Wilkins’ protege aka the chick from Troubadour, Tx aka Stoney LaRue’s fiddle player’s baby momma has her first EP coming out since she joined on with Nashville’s BE Entertainment soon, so we are I am finding lots of publicity treasures to post about today.

Here is the music video for one of Kylie’s upcoming songs, “Waited”:

Ladies and gentlemen…THAT is the correct way to do weave. Kylie’s hair looks fantastic.

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Anyone else wonder why a 76 pound girl is wearing a giant Balloncho? HELLO…leave the Ballouonchos to me. I can’t wait til the weather starts to turn colder and I can rock my ponchos again. I swear one of these days I am going to start my own line of Ballouonchos and call it “Ballou La-La”.

Enough about me, back to Kylie.

Here is the cover of her album, “Taking It Back” that will be released on September 17, 2013:

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You can listen to a preview of the 6 tracks on the new EP before it is released into the wild just by clicking HERE.



  • Reply September 15, 2013


    Hey whore who cheats and is unfaithful to every guy you get. Let me see what I have here- a record with a felony on it stating you beat up a girl with brass knuckles (at least thats the rumor ive heard in the music industry) You lost your baby daddy, and now you’re a broke bitch. Hmmm you won’t make it big and make much money pretending to be someone you’ll never be. Take it from me I know, bc I see you very often and it’s gross the way you advertise your sweet personality but your actually a darker type, the kind that beats people, laughs in their face for thinking you have a glamorous life when you don’t, and an unfaithful heart. Keep you bitch lips shut and maybe you’d have less negatives!

    • Reply September 20, 2013


      Low, ignorant and bitter.

      • Reply March 2, 2014


        Actually just getting started. None of it is ignorant. You’re scared of the truth coming out. But it’s coming out. How about you stop blaming your abusive ex for what you did! He wasn’t involved!

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