Kenny Has Been Looking For You Baby…

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When I heard that Kenny Chesney had recorded the Charlie Robison song “El Cerrito Place” I was outraged! How dare he? We all know Kenny Chesney sucks, right? He needs to keep his superstar ass away from “our” music!

Here is the Charlie version:

And HERE are a few seconds of the songwriter Keith Gattis singing the song.

Yahoo music posted a “sneak peek” of Kenny’s cover of the song and you can click HERE to listen.

Ready for this?

I liked it.  I did. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t think it was a train wreck.

I know it has been beaten into my brain to hate EVERYTHING Nashville related and maybe I am getting soft, but I have heard MUCH shittier shit coming out of Nashville recently…including Kenny and Tim’s “Rock Star” juice out of the goose bullshit. I think it is just more fun to focus my hatred on crap like my speakers going Boom Boom, Raelynn and Craig Morgan’s “Corn Star” than on Kenny Chesney.

Besides, it’s not like the first time a Keith Gattis song has been recorded by a Nashville artist. I am sure the names Kid Rock, Randy Houser, Gary Allan, and Sara Evans ring a bell.

I am sure I will get my shit jumped for saying this, but I liked Kenny’s cover a hell of a lot better than Chelle Rose’s version.

I say GET PAID Keith!  If the worst thing that comes out of this is more people get  to hear a Keith Gattis song, there has to be bigger tragedies in the world of country music.

Now…the one thing that DOES piss me off is how the only way Yahoo music chose to describe Charlie Robison was as “also known as the ex-husband of Dixie Chick Emily Robison.”

Really?  I think he has accomplished a little bit more in his professional career than marrying and divorcing the google eyed Dixie Chick.

Shame on you Yahoo.



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    I would rather Kenny sang it like the original than Luke Bryan signing the dance mix with dancing sluts in the background.

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    That’s my most fav Charlie song.

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    I love Grace Potter singing harmonies on this

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    I saw news of this posted on Facebook yesterday and it kinda made me throw up in my mouth a bit. First he ruins a song by Guy, I mean God, Clark and now this? Not a fan of Coconut Boy, but on the other hand, kudos for legit artists and songwriters getting music out there and getting paid, even if the avenue of exposure is through bland, gimmicky acts. I’m sure Randy Rogers wasn’t complaining when Chesney covered “Somebody Take Me Home.” I, for one, will always associate and hear Mr. Robison’s voice when I think of “El Cerrito Place,” but what do I know, I’ve been accused of certain Eric Church fans on here of being a “delusional Texas music snob.”

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    You know… It’s not just horrible… I think everyone is going to love the Charlie version just because that’s where we all heard it first.

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    Kenny also did “Somebody take me home” from RRB on one of his albums awhile back…Kenny still sucks!

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    Who is the chic that sings with him on this song?!?!?!? It’s driving me crazy!

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    I could not have said it better myself. I guess that why you have a blog and I don’t.

    I am happy for Keith. He deserves the recognition and the check.

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    Go Kenny !!!!

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    True Country Boy

    listened to 22 seconds of Charlie, whoever that is. LOL. anyways yea 22 seconds is enough to almost put me to sleep of that guy singing it. wow can ya no range !!!

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    brent D

    i been looking for you baby!

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    Tammi S

    I guess that is why they have all different kinds of music for all different kinds of people. All I can say is that Kenny cannot suck too bad he’s a recording artist that is known worldwide who sells out shows in literally minutes, he’s rich and what are all of you who say he sucks? Are any of you in his circle? I think not!

    I guess I made my point, huh?

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    Now come on folks, Kenny’s got some other good ones. Don’t hate!!

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    Chelle Rose

    Dear Rita,

    I sat down with a guitar and banged up heart @ 7am one morning after no sleep… recorded ‘El Cerrito Place’ on a handheld recorder for my ex lover and shot footage with my phone from some of our haunts. Then I uploaded to my youtube to share with him and a few fans… didn’t know Kenny Chesney would record it on down the road or that it would get thousands of hits. I just loved and related to my friend Keith Gattis’ beautiful song.

    I spent $0 compared to Chesney’s millions…

    why would I or anyone else ‘jump your sh*t’ for saying you don’t like it?

    sorry. you’re comparing apples to oranges… and it’s a little disappointing that you would take time to ‘call me out’ on a little live demo i cut in my living room?

    I’m just a songwriter and artist trying to express myself honestly and even though I live in Nashville… I don’t know one single person in the world that Kenny Chesney lives. There might as well be an ocean between us musically.


    p.s. i’m not a ‘nashville’ artist. i was born and raised in East Tennessee and recorded my album in Austin with Ray Wylie Hubbard… i just happen to live here and play a few gigs in East Nashville every now and then. no manager, no booking agent, no label, no music row, no stylist or media training, no fancy videos… i’ve been writing songs and performing for almost 20 years… never made a penny. hope to break even someday. why don’t you pick on kid rock or big and rich and give a girl a gd break.

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    Well, little disclaimer here, I worked as a publicist for Charlie’s record company in the late ’90s, I’m friends with Chelle Rose, and my friend went out with Kenny’s Dad once. Isn’t it great that a marvelous song get out there, and the writer makes some change?
    Having Grace Potter on the song gives her some exposure to Kenny fans, and adds a bit of cool to the Kenny version. Chelle might do a kick ass version on her next record. And, if I put my mind to it, look for my version, played on the Autoharp, on YouTube next year. I’ll suck, but the song will still be great.


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    Joe in Nashville

    You hit the nail on the head in this article.

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    Joe in Nashville

    On the Kenny rant, not the Chelle one. I don’t know Chelle, but I will be looking u up babe.

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