Jon Don’t Dance…

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Ok, I think the drugs are working today. I am in a pretty decent mood and I seem to be liking everything. I figured out why I had such a massive headache of the past few days. I was taking Allegra instead of my crazy bitch pill. Yes, I just pour my medicine into my cute pink crazy bitch pill purse and since they are the same color, I guess I haven’t been taking them. The good news is I’ve been cedar snot free.

Where was I? Oh I know, liking stuff. I like this video. I am not surprised that I like it because I like country music, and Wranglers, and un-ill fitting/shaped cowboy hats, and dancing. You can take the girl out of Shitville, but you can’t take Shitville out of the girl. Sounds like hooooooome to me, sounds like hooooooooome to me.

But…as always, I have a few observations.

I can’t tap dance or do gymnastics or do all the other girly things that most girls learned how to do when they were growing up, but the one thing I can do is play pool. I used to be pretty damn good at it too, but I have never played with my ass hanging out of my dress. That can’t be comfortable. There would be no way I could concentrate.

The song/video plot is nice, simple, easy to follow and it looks like this video was shot at Cheatham┬áStreet in San Marcos. The chick is hot to trot and is giving the fella that is alone at the bar her best skank eye. He apparently has a massive ego because he is singing, “don’t come sniffing over here honey because I know what will happen. I will dance with you and because I am so irresistible you will unable to NOT take me home and hump me and then I will just leave and break your heart”. Just when I was thinking… WOW, what an asshole…the second part of the song explains that he just isn’t over the last girl who broke HIS heart.

Ok, I can work with that.

I just need to know, WHERE did he get the white long sleeve shirt? ┬áHe leaves the bar in a plain white teeshirt…

but during his walk of shame he is wearing a nice starched white pearl snap. I’m calling bs.

I also don’t think the girl watches Carmindy on What Not To Wear because she always says if you are going to do a smokey eye, you have do it with a nude lip…or you end up looking…well, like this.


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  • Reply January 18, 2012

    Fried Rice

    That chick looks like she got into a throw down with her make-up and the make-up won with two black eyes and some busted up red lips…. Love the song and love him in that hat but hate the make-up.

  • Reply January 18, 2012

    Arrogant Texan

    Hmm, he’s hot. Cute video. Ditto on the makeup!

  • Reply January 24, 2012

    Continuity Apologist

    Good eye on the shirt Rita — but perhaps the girl is such a skank that she has men’s shirts lying around her place, and he was so hung over that he didn’t notice which one he was grabbing…. or he decided to pick the nicer shirt :)

    Nice song and video — thanks for sharing !

  • Reply January 28, 2012

    Da Shirt

    So the hookup scene is him daydreaming about something that doesn’t actually happen so it wouldn’t be necessary that his shirt be the same as in the bar scene. Boom goes the dynamite.

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