Jarrod Birmingham’s “December Gone” Music Video

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I have always liked Jarrod Birmingham and his music because when he sings a song, I believe it…or maybe it is because of the simple fact that if you don’t like him, he probably doesn’t like you.

See what I did there?

Jarrod has a brand new music video that hit the inter-webs yesterday for his song “December Gone”…check it out below, but be warned…there aren’t any 18 year old chicks dancing around in denim Huggies, wallet chains, or sparkly man-jeggings in this video.

There is a truck.

“Quit trying to guess the ending…and enjoy the show.”

That’s deep.

And advice I think we could all use.



  • Reply January 23, 2014


    I’m with you on this one Rita. I have never understood why Jarrod hasn’t been bigger in the Texas scene all these years. I have only seem him live one time way back in the day. but he has one of the more authentic voices I have ever heard in the scene and his songs truly seem real coming from him.

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