Jackson Said What?

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Another edition of “Jackson Said What?”

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I saw this on Facebook and it immediately made me want to Google the “1994″ Jason Aldean video and watch it. I had no desire to do so until this amazing description.

So I am watching the video 1994 and I realized what the entertainment industry is doing.

Country music is dead because real country culture is dead. The entire video is break dancing and people acting like they are in a rap video. Jason is wearing the same homosexual cowboy uniform you will see at any gay bar and that has been emulated since the early 90s. Its all fashion verses substance. They all look like fags, take your pic, Tim, Kenny, Keith. you can substitute any of their names. They all bleed together. It’s the emasculation of the white male. The cowboy was a symbol of an independent self reliant rugged individual and most of all, freedom. That is a powerful symbol. It has been turned into a symbol of and please homosexual men this is not an insult to you but a term to show a point: faggy, soft, impotent, flaccid, feminine boys. Country singers could not look any more gay If you stuck cocks in their mouths. I never understood why I am so hated by most of the entertainment industry. It’s because I do not represent the week, gay, male they want.

Ask your self. Why is the entertainment industry trying to kill off any thing that shows a strong, masculine white male. Look at the commercials and tv shows . We are all represented as idiots, week and stupid, if not that then gay. One day years from now they will write about the death of the Grizzly Man. They will show reality shows of stupid fat hill billies and of uber gay men who are passed off as Cow Boys.

I am a little drunk so I am rambling a bit. Anyway that video is way gayer than two men having sex. At least in gay sex there is some aggression I would think. Men it’s ok to not like the same mind numbing shows your girl likes, it’s good if you are not on the same emotional level as your chick, your a fucking man. Act like one. If you don’t known what one is then reference John Wayne in the Searchers.


Can this video EVER live up to this description? We shall find out.




  • Reply May 10, 2013


    Literally busting out loud hysterical!

  • Reply May 10, 2013


    Jackson Taylor literally gave me a lady boner with this post…Oh how I love his rants!

  • Reply May 17, 2013


    Uhhhhh. wow. just wow…..angry much? My favorite JT rant was the “its Thanksgiving and I hate my Ex-wife and the nutsack she is dating”.

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