Jackin’ at 35,000 Feet…

Screen shot 2012-07-26 at 9.06.50 AM

Just another reason why everyone loves Southwest Airlines, or at least why Bart Crow does! How cool would it be if Jack Ingram just showed up on your flight? How much cooler would it be if you were a purple heart recipient military family and he did it to honor you…and provided you with a mortgage free home!

Check it.

Country Music Star Jack Ingram performs a surprise concert on board a flight between Austin and Dallas. The flight was part of the Boot Campaign and honored a deserving military family. Would you like to know more about the Boot Campaign? Well, watch the video!

(I wouldn’t mind it if Jack’s boots wanted to take a little dip in my bubbles with my boots. I’m just saying.)

Boot Campaign embassador Granger Smith…a close and personal friend of the infamous Earl Dibbles Jr also performed for the flight. Again, could this be ANY cooler?



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