Introducing Douglas “Big Rhythm Doug” Douglason And The Hot Country Knights

Oh Dierks.

Stop trying to win me back with your super cute sense of humor and your silly little 90′s cover band side project .

We are broken up.

It isn’t going to work.

Or it might.

According to …Dierks Bentley and his band full of dudes I don’t even recognize anymore because I have been out of the Dierks Fan Club Stalking game for too long, are going full on Chris Gaines with a side project called “Big Rhythm Doug and the Hot Country Knights”.


Yes, please.

If do only do one thing today make sure it is clicking HERE to see their goofy Facebook page filled with the band’s bio, pictures and videos.


The word on the street is the Country Knights will have their first gig on February 25th at The Stage in Nashville…which just also happens to be smack dab in the middle of the Country Radio Seminar but it is “invite only”.

Who do I have to do to get one of those invites, because consider them done!

This isn’t Dierks Bentley’s first time down Alter Ego Lane, does anyone remember Johnny Ringo from the Free And Easy Video? Here he is with Cody Canada circa 2007.



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