“I’m About To Get My Pissed Off On…”



I know, I know…I suck because I have been posting so much about “those” artists lately and not enough about the Texas Music Scene, but the truth is I just blog about whatever is on my mind and we all know my mind is a sick twisted place. Since I have been dancing like a monkey for “the man” over on US 105 at what is literally my DREAM job except for the majority of the music we play, of course that is the kinda stuff I have been thinking about.

I know we all bitch and moan about shitty music and the truth is…I think I am maturing. Trust me, I LOVE to shit talk STUPID music as much as the next wanna be cool music snob out there, but I find myself wanting to promote what I do like and believe in instead of just knee-jerking towards running down that I don’t like.


Every once in a while something hits me and I have such irrational HATE for it that even I can’t even explain it. THAT is how I feel about the song “Redneck Crazy”. I have no idea why in the hell this song presses my buttons the way that it does, but I just can’t fucking stand it. I don’t think it is the singer that bothers me so much because this Tyler Farr fella seems like a nice enough guy. I don’t automatically get the douche chills when I see or hear him like say I do a Brantley Gilbert…and he is pretty damned cute, has superb hair and even has a good enough voice I guess, but this “hit” song of his make my ass pucker like NONE OTHER.

Boys and girls, I give you the video for the lyrical masterpiece that also includes such A-list star power of Lee Brice, Colt Ford and Willie from Duck Dynasty.

Where do I start?  Here are a few notes:

1. WHY do you have to change the lyrics of your song from “get my pissed off on” to “get my redneck on” to play it on the radio? Is “PISS” really such a bad word and in what world does being “pissed off” equate being a redneck?

2. HANK and DRANK? “Crank up a little Hank, sit on the hood and draaaaaaaank” Really? Drink, drank, drunk. Pick a tense. Shut the fuck up. I hate you.

3. “Nah, he can’t amount to much by the look of that little truck.” Ummmm…because the size of your truck determines your self-worth? Well, I know I have a vagina, but I drove a 1976 3 Quarter Ton two-toned YELLOW Chevrolet Silverado with glasspacks for most of the 90′s and lets just say that giant pile of shit got about 12 miles to a gallon and got me pulled over on more than one occasion by Shitville, Texas’s finest and ticketed for “excessive exhaust noise”. I only drove it because my ass was broke and my Grandpa gave it to me. It may be against my own redneck roots, but I’d much rather date a man who owned a fuel-efficient vehicle because that means he doesn’t have to spend all his money on GAS and he can afford to buy my fat ass dinner. Shit, I’d much rather date a man who drives a Prius (Roger Creager) because we could drive that son of a bitch all the way up to the front door of Tiffany’s and he can get me something shiny in a little blue box.

Ok, ok…I will FULLY admit that the video is kind of cute and it is funny. The visual does make things a little more light-hearted and less…STALKERISH…but again, the song makes me livid. I think it is because it is pandering to how popular all things “redneck” are right. I just don’t know how much of this new “REDNECK PHENOMENON” is just about making money or better yet just something to give “country” singers an easy way to ONCE again slap some name-dropping, back road driving, trailer house bullshit into a song and daring us NOT to embrace it because if we DON’T eat that shit up with a spoon, we are turning our back on our roots. Look assholes, don’t you dare guilt trip me, I know where I come from! This is the same exact beef I have about singing how you are living a double wide dream while you are posting pictures on Facebook of your last vacation in the wine country. You can sell that shit somewhere else, because I ain’t buying it.

At this point I am just rambling to avoid having to turn on the news and see all the devastation the Oklahoma tornadoes left behind but yeah…I am sick to DEATH of redneck this and redneck that. Blah, blah blahhhhdity blah blah. BLAH. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I am PROUD of my redneck roots and I think we should ALL be, but just because you are a “redneck” doesn’t mean you are stupid and can’t control yourself without having to dress in camo and drive your 4 wheeler over to your ex-girlfriend’s house and throw beer cans at her window. That is against the damned law, you idiot. If you are going to go “Redneck Crazy” at least do something fun that is actually REDNECK CRAZY like make some meth in the Wal-Mart snack bar .

If you really think about it, sitting in some cheating whore’s yard and boo-boo-hooing to yourself is actually being a bit of a pussy. If you are going to go crazy over a girl, you might as well go all out like Crazy Eddie did. He just slammed down some grapefruit and Stoli, gathered up his pipe bomb making supplies and REALLY went redneck CRAZY on her ass.

Sidenote: With ALL this said, the phones in the studio STILL ring off the hook for this song and I would still totally slap Lee Brice on the ass and make him call me momma.

Sidenote of that sidenote: I wouldn’t throw Ty-Ty outta bed for eating pork rinds either. I just wouldn’t ever let him sing that stupid fucking song in my presence. EVER.



  • Reply May 20, 2013


    This screams Average Joe’s. I might could take this song seriously, if the video wasnt so funny.. :)

  • Reply May 20, 2013


    The sad part is that you’re right, he does have a pretty decent voice. And I actually like the melody and the way he sings this. If someone in Nashville had enough balls to write a song that actually has meaning, this wouldn’t be that bad of a song. I honestly give you major props for actually being able to tolerate shit like this. I would kill to have a radio job, but I don’t know how I could actually promote this kind of music

  • Reply May 21, 2013

    Tex Ass Cunt Ree Sux

    Music snob? You? HAHA. Okay, let’s talk snob to snob. How about ZZ Top and those horrible made-for-cd remixes of those classics from the 70′s. I mean, I get it. Because Eliminator was so good to them they did it in terms of sound but fuck a goat it sound awful.

  • Reply May 21, 2013


    I love this rant. Way to get back to “classic” Rita form! I too hate this song more than any other on the radio right now. I can’t believe anyone out there requests this song, but people eat this shit right up! Inexplicable.

  • Reply May 23, 2013


    And if you ever go soft on me, I swear to baby Jesus I will start a Rita Hatin blog that would make you proud!

    • Reply May 23, 2013


      Ha! MAA, do you wanna go for a ride in my truck?!?!?

  • Reply June 30, 2013


    You are one angry woman. I like the song.

    • Reply October 4, 2013


      Angry? Hardly. Incapable of being fed watered down “country” bullshit crap music? Yes.

  • Reply July 25, 2013


    It seems that he omitted several facts about what happened the night he went redneck crazy. When he “drove like hell” through her neighborhood, he woke up folks along the block, who in turn called the sheriff’s office to report a reckless driver. When deputies arrived in the neighborhood they witnessed a man who was obviously drunk and belligerent and attempted to “get his redneck on” with said deputies. After some tazering and a small shot of oc spray the man was apprehended and charged with public intox, stalking, destruction of private property, and posession of several open containers. The man was hauled away in front of his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, who proceeded to take her back inside to make love.

  • Reply September 27, 2013


    I was driving back home and when this song came on. Immediately I googled (googled is a verb right? So I don’t have to capitalize it??) ‘redneck crazy stupid song’ because I like to validate the songs and commercials I hate by seeing if anyone else hates them as well. You took all words out of my mouth about this awful song. He’s going to park on her lawn and throw beer cans at her window? Why wouldn’t she just call the fucking cops on your passive aggressive ass?…Oh, and draaaaaank? Holy shit I wanna punch him in the mouth for rhyming that with Hank. “It’s a song”, you say! “Don’t take it so seriously!”, you say. Well I usually don’t but this particular song is just stupid fucking terrible. Shew…ok that’s it.

    • Reply October 4, 2013



    • Reply February 24, 2017


      Im sorry but your opinion is complete fucking BULLSHIT. If you dont like this song, dont fucking listen to it. you fucking prick

  • Reply November 14, 2013

    John Salazar

    Well i don’t think you guys get the point of this song, There girl cheated and he is pissed. I dont care who you are you get cheated on you arent think straight and your just pissed some people handle it differently. And yeah its a song. So you guys are gonna tell me if you loved some body so much and you found out they were cheating and you wouldn’t fuck shit up. Me personally ive been really close and i have been cheated on more times than i can count. Ya its a little corny with Hank and Drank but come on it’s a good as song. I personally think so but whaever. Fuck me right?

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  • Reply October 7, 2014


    What gets me everyone I here this song is when he actually has the balls to say. ” I didn’t come here to start a fight” wtf? That’s EXACTLY what your trying to do. And if I were the guy inside you would have succeeded.

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