Good Times Tiddy Bits

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Happy Wednesday.

The patient is doing well.  He is still grumpy as hell, but he is up and walking and changed out of his big yellow dress and is now in real clothes.  He wants to go home, that is for sure! Hopefully that might get to happen today.

Luckily he has a little wiener at his feet so he feels right at home.

The good news is now I know that my father in law once didn’t take a crap for 17 days when he was in Korea and his mother in law wants me to know that she washed my sheets at home because dogs are “filthy”.  Good times.

Let’s play a little catch up…I feel SO out of the loop. I would post more of these links, but I don’t have the patience. The wireless internet here only works between the hours of 11:00 pm-7:00 am and it is so nerve racking!

This is hours of fun.  

Roadtrip Recommendation 

Mrs. Shelton on Leno

Sunny on Chelsea?  This HAS to happen! 

I LOVE the honey badger.  

I can’t imagine how much this ticket will cost.  

Look to the left for some free music.  

How you doin’ Texas? Uh, we still cool?  

“Troupe of whores dressed in volleyball shorts in an unadulterated sex romp that included dry humping chairs, dry humping the floor, and wizzing all over 100 years of country music tradition.” 

Winged Guitar of the Day 


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    Jake Owen the honey badger, fucking hilarious

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