Good Karma: Josh Abbott Band Helps A Fan Complete Their Bucket List (VIDEO)

I got this video in my email today and I just wanted to share it with everyone.

Here is the text that accompanied the video:

Your heart is going to go out to this young lady. Over the weekend, Josh Abbott Band invited longtime fan Hazel McKenna to join the band on stage at Ziegfest. Hazel is battling ovarian cancer, and after her diagnosis she created a bucket list of things she’d like to do, including singing with Josh on-stage at a show.

After taking her spot in front of the mic, Hazel threw down her crutches, unwrapped her head scarf, and harmonized with Josh on a beautiful version of “Oh Tonight”, a duet originally recorded with Kacey Musgraves.

A very sweet and powerful moment.

Stay strong Hazel!



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    Hazel isn’t fighting Ovarian cancer she had a hysterectomy that took all of it out of her that was way before this concert but to hear her tell it the cancer spread to he liver and kidneys and bones and wasn’t suppose to live to her birthday that was in July and hasn’t taken any meds or chemo sense last year but doesn’t look like the cancer is getting worse everyone I’ve seen with cancer if they don’t take their meds and chemo they wither away but she still looks fine for some one who was supposed to not make it to july

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