Good Karma: Mike And The Moonpies Stolen Gear Fund

Mike and the Moonpies van, cargo trailer and all of their gear were stolen in Dallas on the morning of May 11, 2014 sometime between 1 and 7 am. All totaled, they are looking at about $20,000 in lost property.


Some scum-sucking-bottom-feeding-asshole thieves not only jacked their equipment…they took their van too! Ugh. We see TOO damned many of these stories and every time I read one it makes my ass hurt.

Fucking low life maggot miscreant dickholes.

Here is some information about the stolen equipment. (I don’t know what any of this means, but if you know instruments…be on the look out!)

- Black Martin Acoustic Guitar w/ Tortoise Shell Headstock
- White Squier Telecaster (Clasic Vibes 50s Reissue) with Pearloid Pick Guard, Unfinished Birdseye Maple Neck, Tx Flag Sticker, Nice Chops Sticker, Mike and the Moonpies Sticker, Lone Star Beer Sticker (S/N CGS0801155) 
-Natural Wood Tuskey Custom Telecaster (S/N 006) with Black Binding, Hipshot B Bender, Mustache Logo on Headstock
- Black Emmons Pedal Steel Guitar w/ Texas Flag Sticker (3×4)
- Yamaha P-90 Keyboard w/ Burns on Keys
- Nord Electro 2-73 Keyboard
- Ernie Ball Musicman SubBass Guitar w/ Natural Wood Finish
- PDP 24″ Kick Drum (Red)
- PDP 12″ Rack Tom (Red)
- PDP 16″ Floor Tom (Red)
- 14″ Snare Drum (Brown)

- Kustom Bass Amp 500W-Head
- 6×10 Ampeg Cabinet
- Peavey Session 400 Guitar Amp w R.J. Smith written on Speaker
-2×12 Fender Cabinet
- Fender Twin Reverb Amp (S/N AC026043)
- Music Man HD212 (S/N C002562)
- Orange Micro Terror Guitar Amp in Ammo Box
- Roland KC350 Keyboard Amp
- Yorkville Blok 100 Keyboard Amp

- Drum Hardware Case (Black, 4 wheels, metal corners) + contents (drum throne, 3 Crash Symbol Stands, Snare Stands, Legs for Floor Tom, Hi-Hat Stand)
- Iron Cobra Kick Pedal and Case (Black)
- Zildjian Hi-Hat Cymbals (Bronze)
- Zildjian Aredis 14″ Crash Cymbal (Bronze)
- Sabian Ride Cymbal (Bronze)
- Paiste Crash/Ride Cymbal (Bronze)
-Cases with all Drums (Black)
- (2) Ernie Ball Volume Pedals
- Holy Grail Reverb Pedal
- Pack-a-Seat
- Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedal
- Boss Delay/Reverb Pedal
- Boss A-B Switch
- Shur SM58 Microphone
- Polytune Chromatic Tuner Pedal
- MXR Phase 90 Pedal
- Maxon OD808 Pedal
- Stryman Flint Tremolo/Reverb Pedal
- Boss Blues Driver Pedal
- Boss Pedalboard
- Microphone Stand w/ Base Painted “Purple Sage”
- Aluminum Guitar Case with Red Interior
- Fender Grey and Black Guitar Case with Black Interior (Well Worn)
- Video Tripod Manfrotto 504 HD Fluid Head
- Video Tripod Manfrotto 546 TB LE65
- American DJ Galaxian 3D 
- American DJ Galaxian 3D MKII
- American DJ COB Strobe Cannon
- (2) Large PA Stands, T-Bars
- SDC6 DMX Controller 
- DMX Cables
- Audix i5 Microphone
- Radial Pro D2 (Direct Box)
- Keyboard Stand
- Folding Seat
- (2) Boss TU-2 Tunes Pedals
- (3) Microphone Stands
- Large Keeley Road Case (Merchandise Case)
- (3) Short Microphone Stands
- Ipad Mini (Engraved: ‘MDH Mike and the Moonpies”)
- $2000 Cash

The band is currently accepting donations to help recover some of this tremendous loss so they can keep working and moving forward. Anyone who donates $10 or more will be sent a complimentary download of their album via email. If you’ve like to help out and donate just click HERE to visit their page.

If you have any news or information regarding the van, gear or trailer please contact or call the Dallas Police Department.





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